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Photo 2018 03 26 17 24 25 Mirwais Amarkhail Male Adult
Photo afghnistan athlete male 67kg murtaza shamal Murtaza Shamal Male 9FR28L9S Adult
02020 Farzad Ahmad Khaksar Male 2QV7TAGU Adult
Whatsapp image 2019 08 26 at 18.28.41%281%29 sayed Ahad Surosh Male LCCBGRHR Adult
Farida Farida Hussaini Female ALHFPRIG Adult
Photo 2018 03 11 12 03 08 Homayoun Hosseini Male Adult
Khaligh Ahmah Khaliq Nemati Male OTMO1VNM Adult
Logocopy Mahdi Rezai Male JWHPSFE5 Adult
Taher ahmadi Mohammad Taher Ahmadi Male CY1REOBD Adult
Whatsapp image 2019 11 14 at 19.34.59 Lutfullah Eshrat Male SVP7LP8U Adult
Photo %db%b2%db%b0%db%b1%db%b8 %db%b0%db%b7 %db%b1%db%b8 %db%b2%db%b2 %db%b3%db%b8 %db%b0%db%b2 Mashal Islamzai Male Youth
Photo %db%b2%db%b0%db%b1%db%b8 %db%b0%db%b7 %db%b1%db%b8 %db%b2%db%b2 %db%b3%db%b0 %db%b1%db%b3 Mustafa Hassanzada Male Youth
Photo afghanistan reporter  saber berzad Saber Perzad Male 4CUDCNM9 Adult
Photo afghanistan athlete male  60kg  mohammad yuosuf jahangir Mohammad yousuf Jahangir Male ANFW6VYL Adult
Photo afghnistan athlete male 54kg abdullah amiri Abdullah Amiri Male MZNGTDYK Adult
Photo of afg athlete ghulam nabi Ghulam Nabi Mohammadi Male AGQGS4I4 Adult
Photo %db%b2%db%b0%db%b1%db%b8 %db%b0%db%b7 %db%b1%db%b8 %db%b2%db%b2 %db%b2%db%b2 %db%b5%db%b3 Shir Hossain Azimi Male Youth
Photo afghanistan athlete female 51kg efreshta shirzad Freshta Sherzad Female 9WQ1C86K Adult
158b33a0 e56c 4891 a394 c1f74d00c584 Hussain Rezayi Male B1ASEGSZ Adult
Photo %db%b2%db%b0%db%b1%db%b8 %db%b0%db%b7 %db%b1%db%b8 %db%b2%db%b2 %db%b2%db%b9 %db%b1%db%b9 Shokria Bahmani Female Youth
Mashal Mashal Islamzai Male 8WKHKHIM Adult
Ali zafar atefi Ali Zafar Atefi Male T2XBIDFX Adult
Missing Mustafa Hassanzada Male FJMVSW54 Youth
Shahrzad Freshta Sherzad Female 9FDRGBIM Adult
Mohammad ahraf Mohammad Ashraf Ali zada Male PJ8IUAEU Adult
Photoes afghanistan technecal official abdul jamil mohammadi %281%29 Abdul Jamil Mohammadi Male WZXTETB1 Adult
74970581 2184010705230424 8688270750164975616 n Zahra Rezaee Female O2I1YKXN Adult
Ebrahimi Abdul Sadiq Ebrahimi Male DFGHFYNJ Adult
Img 20180318 015106 Shahram Delavar Male JUTUSTPA Adult
Missing Kawsar Shahzad Female T8HW0N6A Youth
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